To all readers of this blog, if anyone actually does read it, and I seriously doubt it, but if you do read it, please leave a comment or two or send me mail through the contact me feature:

From time to time, I post announcements about aircraft orders from Boeing and Airbus. Note that what I post is straight from either or, as are the pictures. I’m not changing them around, but I am leaving out 70% of the press release. That 70% is just fluff where the executive from Boeing or Airbus praises the buying airline about their good sense to buy an aircraft that’s definately going to improve their fuel economy, or their efficiency or the fact that their turnaround time will be drastically cut, or improve customer satisfaction, or all of the above.

Then the airline executive lauds the manufacturer for giving them a great aircraft, and then basically rehashes the comments that the manufacturer just made. I honestly believe that the folks over at Boeing and Airbus have a series of about five or six templates that they use on a rotating basis. All they do is plug in the name of the buying airline and its executive, as well as the aircraft bought. Then they throw in some random statistics about the aircraft, and how many have been ordered so far, and so on.

I just wanted to clarify that, before you all (if you exist) think that I’ve been writing this stuff myself, and before carnivorous packs of lawyers from Boeing and Airbus come after me.