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Please note that I did not write the remainder of this post, so don’t get mad at me for these rather radical views.

With wage cuts, layoffs, and replacement workers…

parking airplanes and cutting service…

The Airline is shrinking!

If the Northwest airline model gets much smaller it will slide right down the toilet.

Just look at the picture.

This Minnesota based Northwest Airlines plastic A320 model is falling to pieces and close to going down the drain.

Time is running out! This may be your last chance to salvage the Northwest airline model.

Bid Now, before it’s too late!

Or, just Watch and see what happens.

Getting the Northwest airline model out of the toilet would make a wonderful holiday gift for anyone who may be further impacted if it goes all the way down the tube.

Gift wrapping is available upon request.

One-way economy shipping from MSP would have cost only $158.51 if you had bid over a month ago. It might have cost you $255.51 a couple of weeks ago. By the end of this auction, the shipping will cost $1112.51 plus all applicable taxes and fees… however, to remain competitive in this dynamic market, we supposedly have no choice but to give away the farm. Shipping is now FREE.

“The Airline” refers to the airline industry as a whole, and all other airline references are descriptive only of the plastic airplane model pictured in the toilet.


I can’t explain how we continue to operate without any profits. Our executive compensation plan is another important component of our strategy of giving away the farm. In order to retain the talented executives with the knowledge and skills necessary to get the airline model out of the toilet, we supposedly have no choice but to give huge executive bonuses in addition to some of the highest executive pay in the industry.

The first bidder is receiving the keys to a 1999 BMW 5-series with remote keyless entry. Yes, that’s right, I am giving this bidder the keys to a BMW just for bidding!

There will be more bonuses given as we continue to strive toward our goal of getting the Northwest airline model out of the toilet.

Do your part to get the Northwest airline model out of the toilet, Bid Now!


To all readers of this blog, if anyone actually does read it, and I seriously doubt it, but if you do read it, please leave a comment or two or send me mail through the contact me feature:

From time to time, I post announcements about aircraft orders from Boeing and Airbus. Note that what I post is straight from either or, as are the pictures. I’m not changing them around, but I am leaving out 70% of the press release. That 70% is just fluff where the executive from Boeing or Airbus praises the buying airline about their good sense to buy an aircraft that’s definately going to improve their fuel economy, or their efficiency or the fact that their turnaround time will be drastically cut, or improve customer satisfaction, or all of the above.

Then the airline executive lauds the manufacturer for giving them a great aircraft, and then basically rehashes the comments that the manufacturer just made. I honestly believe that the folks over at Boeing and Airbus have a series of about five or six templates that they use on a rotating basis. All they do is plug in the name of the buying airline and its executive, as well as the aircraft bought. Then they throw in some random statistics about the aircraft, and how many have been ordered so far, and so on.

I just wanted to clarify that, before you all (if you exist) think that I’ve been writing this stuff myself, and before carnivorous packs of lawyers from Boeing and Airbus come after me.

DUBAI, Nov. 21, 2005 — The Boeing Company [NYSE: BA] and LCAL (Low-Cost Aircraft Leasing) today announced at the Dubai Air Show an order for six 787-8 Dreamliners, Boeing’s all-new advanced-technology airplane.

The order was placed last May, thereby making LCAL the first leasing company to commit to the 787. LCAL was not identified as the customer for that order until today.

The order is valued at approximately $780 million at list prices. Deliveries are to begin in September 2009.

LCAL, registered last year as a corporation, will base its leasing business entirely around the 787.

I bring you the following, courtesy of Airbus:

AerCap has signed a letter of intent for the purchase of 70 Airbus A320 Family aircraft. AerCap was formerly known as debis AirFinance, which was recently acquired by Cerberus.

AerCap (then debis AirFinance) had already ordered 31 Airbus A320 Family aircraft in 1999. The new deal will take its Airbus portfolio to more than 170 aircraft. A choice of engines has yet to be announced.


MOSCOW, November 28 (RIA Novosti) – The presidential IL-96 plane has everything necessary to guarantee the security and safety of the Russian president, the head of the presidential property management agency said.

“It is the responsibility of the Federal Guard Service,” Vladimir Kozhin told the Russian newspaper Rossiiskaya Gazeta. “They are professionals. They have an effective system that protects all our air assets both on land and in the air. When the threat level increases, they respond accordingly.”

He also denied the possibility that the president’s plane could be arrested abroad on the request of Swiss-based trading company Noga due to a long-standing legal dispute between the company and the Russian government over contractual obligations.

“Our planes have diplomatic immunity status,” Kozhin said.

He also said his department had completed the restructuring of the “Rossiya” (Russia) state-owned transportation company and prepared it for a merger with Pulkovo Airlines in about two months.

He said the new company would become a major Russian airline, and compete with existing airlines domestically and abroad. Its name will be determined on a contest basis.

A group of planes has been formed to transport Russia’s leadership and high-ranking officials.

“The special air group has about 30 aircraft,” Kozhin said. “Unfortunately, it has very few new aircraft, and includes two IL-96-300s, two Tu-214 planes, and modernized Mi-8 helicopters… The rest are reliable but outdated Il-62s, Tu-154Ms, Tu-134s and Yak-40s.”

From Airbus:

Kingfisher Airlines is to acquire 30 more Airbus A320 Family aircraft, continuing its major fleet expansion. Deliveries of the aircraft, which will comprise a mix of A319s and A320s, are due to begin in early 2008.
Kingfisher already flies seven Airbus A320s on routes among Indian cities, and also has three A319s on order which are due for delivery by December 05. Its new aircraft will be powered by International Aero Engines V2500s, like its existing fleet.

TAP Portugal has announced that it will acquire 10 Airbus A350s and seven Airbus A330-200s.

According to Airbus: “TAP will cover its long-haul route network with its A330s and A350s. It will add the new A330-200 aircraft starting from 2007, in response to the increased demand for its destinations in South America, Africa and North America. A350 deliveries will begin in 2013. Both the A330s and the A350s will be fitted with a comfortable two-class layout. The TAP A330-200 will accommodate 268 passengers.”

It should be noted the TAP is also an all-Airbus operator.